Saturday, August 06, 2005


Well, tomorrow I head off to the southerly climes of Peoria--well, okay it is just two hours or so south of where I live--to do a rotation in interventional radiology. I am really looking forward to the rotation as Peoria has a strong residency program that is affiliated with U of I and I would love to train there. And it's not so far away that I wouldn't be able to visit Chicago on weekends...

Saw the movie Hotel Rwanda last night. It really captures the horror of what took place there and the drama of survival in such circumstances. In 1994, when the movie took place, I was a high school junior whose primary obsession was figuring out how to get into the best colleges and whether I would win at weekend speech competitions. Yet across the ocean, there were nearly a million people that died in a brutal genocide during 100 days of madness.

Interestingly, Illinois just passed a law requiring high schools to teach students about modern-day genocides, from the Holocaust to Bosnia, Rwanda and the current crisis in Darfur. Illinois was also the first state in the nation to pass a law, this past June, cutting all financial ties the state had with the Sudanese government.