Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Who's lovin' it?

On the way home today, I saw a billboard for McDonald's, showing a big picture of an Egg McMuffin and a caption reading something like, "Don't you wish you looked this good in the morning?"

I found this to be a rather strange ad, I mean how many of us really compare how we look to food? I'm not in the habit, for instance, of saying, "Dude, my hair is so mostaccioli today" or "She looks so tiramisu". I mean, even if I did compare how I, or anyone else looks, to food, I doubt the Egg McMuffin would be the benchmark by which I would establish my metaphorical scale. I mean really, I would rather look like chicken tikka in the morning, I think that has a much more pleasant hue to it than the Egg McMuffin. Come to think of it, there really isn't anything that I wish would look more like an Egg McMuffin. Nothing at all...I'm guessing the intern at the advertising company came up with this one...what future jingles will we have to look forward to on I55?

As far as rotation news, observed a vertebroplasty, cerebral angio and embolization of a cerebellar hemangioblastoma. The cerebral angio was a cool case, a patient who previously had an EDAS done. Will write more later, gotta get up early...

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