Sunday, December 11, 2005

Diet Coke vs Coke Zero: what's the diff?

I drank some Coke Zero this weekend for the first time. I know, very adventurous...

[Dude, man, I had a great weekend.
No way bro, what'd you do? Surf on Lake Michigan? Parachute off the Hancock?
Naw dude. I did the Zero.
You did the Zero! Bro, you know you can't be doin' that stuff. Whoa. The Zero.]

While I was drinking it, though, I couldn't help but wonder, how's it different than Diet Coke? I thought maybe it was a little sweeter, but couldn't be sure. So I did some investigation and, luckily, there is a blog devoted to dieting, called Diet Blog.

And they cleared it up for me: Coke Zero has half the aspartame and more of acesulfame potassium (called ace-k in diet lingo), another sweetner.

The same blog also has a post about how Coke is going to come out with a coffee drink that is half cola and half coffee, called Coca Cola Blak. Yep, those of you mixing your Starbucks and your Coca Cola can now come out of the closet. Coke's going to do it for you...

My current favorite diet drink: 7UP Plus Island Fruit. Technically, not diet, but only 10 calories per 8oz and it has calcium with 5% fruit juice. It's yummy.

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Anonymous said...

The difference is that they don't dip the shoestrings in as long for the Diet Coke.