Sunday, April 02, 2006

The New Voyages

Okay, continuing on the Star Trek theme, I've discovered that some Trekkers are not content with the loss of all things Star Trek. No, they want new episodes and they're not sitting around waiting for Paramount to do it.

So, for your viewing pleasure, a group has started making Star Trek episodes called the "New Voyages" which features the original Star Trek crew in, well, new voyages. There are two episodes out so far, one in post-production and two more in pre-production.

The episodes are free to download and they apparently aren't making any money from their efforts, though one wonders where they are getting the time and money to do so. Of course, like most Trekkers, they're probably still living in their parents' home...

If you're too busy to watch them on your computer, you can always download them to your iPod. I've seen part of the first episode so far, and the acting is not the best, but the special effects are surprisingly good, especially in scenes where they show the Enterprise flying about. Just goes to show you how computer animation is becoming more accessible and giving more people a chance to make their own movies.

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Tmahmud said...

why don't you spare us and start a separate Star Trek blog.