Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Throw Down

Today Ahmed challenged by brothers and me to a game of basketball in an email that defiantly stated: Bring it!

Such innocent exuberance is something I've come to expect from AJ, but I had a feeling he was not all sugar and spice when he included the following image in the email:

Indeed, this picture was worth a thousand words. AJ was putting the world on notice that he was Jordan to the Shakur Brothers Reece Gaines. In fact, he felt so bad for us, he was even giving us an autographed jersey before the game, like a pre-emptive parting gift for people who come to game shows and win nothing.

Imran, perpetually clueless, responded to this email with, "LOL. Dorkistani." The true nature of the insult had clearly flown way over his rather large head. He thought AJ was merely being cute, in a yuppie Lincoln Park sort of way.

But I knew better. Having been schooled during my formative periods on the South Side of Chicago, I knew a throw down when I saw one. AJ was calling us out, and it was time for us to respond. So I did, not visually, but lyrically, in the only way a South Sider knows how:

You tell me to bring it,
You, who play so half bit,

Watch my defense rip
as your shots slip

Mine fall down like rain
Proclaiming my righteous reign

Peace out,


To this lyrical onslaught, even AJ had to submit, saying only:

Dang! Kamikaze Ninja Wu-Tang Shaolin Rajpoothi Jigga Wigga Ill-Will up in 'dis.

What else can one say? Unfortunately, the game tonight was cancelled, but soon enough we shall see how this battle of wits plays out on the court...


aj said...

"Unfortunately, the game tonight was cancelled."

Are you kidding me? These kids weren't up to the challenge so they had to back down. I was ready to bring it.

M. Imran Abd Ash-Shakur Rana said...


Umar actually tore you up so bad lyrically, that there's no need for us to ever face you again. ESPECIALLY on the court...!