Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Fantasy Congress

So, you're obsessed over your fantasy football league, fretting over who to start this weekend and whether or not to make a tempting trade?

Well, why should sports have all the fantasy? Why can't there be fantasy in other areas? Like politics? Yeah, fantasy politics, where truth, justice and the pursuit of happiness prevail...

While such a happy place may seem more fiction than fact these days, you can indulge your political thirst by joining Fantasy Congress, a website where you track the performance of Congressional representatives as they make their own deals, pass laws and do whatever else it is they do inside the Beltway...

I heard about it on NPR and they apparently already have some 16,000 users including a lot of lobbyists and congressional staff people. So be cool, be savvy, find out if your representative made the last vote, play Fantasy Congress today!

[I haven't tried it out yet, maybe when I have more of this precious commodity called free time...if you try it out, let me know just how much fun it is...]

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