Friday, December 29, 2006


There are a few occasions in life when you can actually feel individual neurons dying. One of these occasions, as I discovered, is traffic school. Especially 8 hours of traffic school spread out over 2 nights in four-hour classes from 6-10pm during your vacation. The class taught me, among other things, that if people actually followed the rules of the road, automotive travel would be about as efficient as going to work in a horse-drawn carriage.


Tareq said...

Wait, first you have to explain why you had to go to traffic school in the first place. I would greatly appreciate this being a longtime veteran of the Chicago traffic court and impound lots.

Shanzay. :P (OH NO!!!) said...

u want me 2 help make ur blog more exciting like I did to Ali Chachu's!?
lol. jk!