Friday, May 25, 2007

Go Getta!

The legions of CMM (Chronicle of Mundane Misadventure) readers have clamored for an end to the inexplicable five-month silence, they want to know what's on the mind of this original go-getta and read the pithy ponderings that can only be found here.

Well, fans, and I mean all five of you, the silence is shattered, and I bring you forthwith, and with much ado about nothing, the following insight and introspection:

Man, I've been busy.

I'm in the fourth of five months working what we call the "floor" or the general medicine wards. While those who trained before the 80-hour work week was mandated will tell you we have it easy, it's still draining. Plus with only 4 days off each month, you just feel tired all the time - it's work, sleep, eat & repeat.

All of which takes a considerable toll on one's desire to blog away. But, I'm back, for now at least, because the inertia of not writing was starting to become too much and I felt like if I didn't get back into it, I may forget how to write altogether.

So, a couple of posts coming your way, dear readers, and the internet is fresh and new once more...

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