Friday, July 27, 2007

We're all the same

It was late afternoon, and we were making rounds, working our way down the list of patients that needed to be seen. This afternoon, our team had 6 people, the attending, a fellow, myself and three medical students.

We reached the next patient room and our attending introduced himself to an 89-year-old female patient who was in with some heart trouble. After discussing her medical issues, she gazed out at all of us and asked our attending (who is ethnically Korean), "Are these all your children?"

We all laughed, as our group is something of an ethnic rainbow, consisting of heritages ranging from German to Pakistani. About the only thing we all had in common was the color of our coats. That seemed good enough for our nice little old lady...

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Anonymous said...

Such a touching story! Since this is , Wisconsin I am not surprised.