Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Moroccan Design

I came across an interesting blog called, "Moroccan Design," that features the art, architecture and culture of Morocco. One of the posts on the blog referenced a documentary called, "When the Moors Ruled in Europe" which offers a fascinating account of how Islam became an indigenous religion, and way of life, in Western Europe.

The scientific advances, the beauty of the architecture, the gardens were all simply breath taking. The discussion of how the Alhambra was designed alone makes watching the documentary worthwhile.

The history of Muslim Spain is rarely remembered today, largely due to the Spanish Inquisition, a nearly 400-year campaign of terror against Muslims and Jews marked by executions, forced conversions, expulsion and the literal burning of thousands and thousands of books including the famed libraries of Cordoba.

This documentary helps address the historical imbalance and features amazing footage of the remaining vestiges of a once-remarkable civilization. I highly recommend it.

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