Wednesday, January 28, 2009

60 Minutes report on Palestine

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An interesting report on Palestine by 60 Minutes, one quote from Bob Simon, the reporter:

"Without a separate Palestinian state, the Israelis would have three options, none of them good. They could try ethnic cleansing, drive the Palestinians out of the West Bank. They could give Palestinians the vote, that would be the democratic option, but would be the end of the Jewish state. Or they could inflict apartheid, have the minority Israelis rule the majority Palestinians. But apartheid regimes don't have a very long life."

The report goes on to detail how a "security wall" has been built, sometimes straight through farms owned by Palestinians, how water is diverted away from Palestinians, how Palestinians are forced to use separate roads from Israelis and the demolition of homes in East Jerusalem owned by Palestinians.

It was shocking to see the contrast between the immaculate, green, fortress-like settlements with the drab, debilitated neighborhoods of the Palestinians. Former United States president Jimmy Carter has already used the term apartheid for the treatment of Palestinians and, after watching this report, it was not hard to see why.

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