Monday, May 04, 2009

Yusuf [Cat Stevens] rides the inner-peace train

Niece piece in the LA Times about Yusuf Islam's (formerly Cat Stevens) upcoming album and his personal journey over the's a quote from the article in which Yusuf describes how he found Islam:
"I think it was my birthday, and my brother decided to buy me a copy of the Koran. He knew of my ardent search for big answers, and he had realized that here was a religion that very few of us in the West had taken the time to study," Yusuf said. "It's all been colored by our prejudice, connected to the history of wars in Christendom. But really the religion is quite hidden. I personally was surprised when I discovered how well it fit in with my dreams.

"It was," he said, pausing briefly, "kind of miraculous."
You can hear clips from his new album, Roadsinger, on his website. One of my favorites is "Welcome Home." Some videos from the new album are on YouTube:

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