Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Cordoba House: A Community Center Maligned

A lot has been written about the Cordoba House, a plan to build a Muslim community center in Manhattan. Many excellent editorials have been written by open-minded Americans on why the House should be built and the importance of religious freedom in America (Washington Post, Sojourners, USA Today, Downtown ExpressJewish Daily Forward).

Another editorial worthy of attention, is the one written by NY Times editorialist Robert Wright, entitled, "A Mosque Maligned."  In his editorial, Wright actually shows how many of the attempts to malign Imam Feisul Abdul Rauf and his wife, Daisy Khan, actually have no connection to their own activities or viewpoints.

Imam Feisul subscribes to Sufism, a more spiritual approach to Islam.  You can see a talk he gave on how to live a spiritual life at beliefnet.  Both Imam Feisul and Daisy Khan have worked hard to show that terrorism has no place in Islam.  We should promote such efforts, both to defeat the evils of terrorist ideology and to honor the great American tradition of religious freedom.

You can keep up with media coverage of the Cordoba House via the newly launched Cordoba Initiative blog.

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