Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thoughts on the Bears (so far) undefeated season

People are making excuses for the Bears wins (that they are mainly based on penalties) but a win is a win. And there is a definite momentum and energy to being undefeated in the NFL, no matter how you got there. 

These 3 wins were crucial for the confidence of the team moving forward and the proof is the re-emergence of skills that we used to take for granted (defense and special teams).

We need a better run game, because Cutler is no Vick and him out-running Forte is a sad testimony to Forte's lack of skills. In the mean time, the offensive shoot outs that the passing game offers is fine, if the defense can come up big like it did last night.

Lastly, an opposing team often starts committing penalties when the other team has gotten inside its head or somehow has it off kilter. So I don't buy all those, "Green Bay beat itself arguments"

Having a sure-thing FG knocked down does something to you. Messes you up. You'd rather jump off sides than see that happen to you again.

If we keep winning this way, that's fine with me.

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