Friday, October 08, 2010

Should we Fear Islam?

Keith Ellison, a Democratic congressman from Minnesota, has written an important opinion piece in the Washington Post's "On Faith" series, in which he offers an important analogy between the way the media is portraying Muslims in America and how that would look if the same portrayal was extended to the African American community.

Keith Ellison is not only an African American, he is also the first Muslim American to be elected to Congress.  He has always taken a practical, inclusive approach to his politics, from which many others in Congress could learn.

Here is an excerpt from the article, which is worth a read:
We are having a national conversation about belonging. The threatened Qur'an burning in Florida and the controversy over the proposed Islamic Center in lower Manhattan are examples of this national conversation about whether America can stretch her arms wide enough to embrace Muslims too. Irresponsible and sensational depictions of Muslims in the popular media are not the cause of Islamophobia, but they certainly can make it worse. Recent news shows and media reports do nothing to shed light or understanding on this national conversation, which is too bad.

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