Saturday, October 29, 2005

Sweep Home Chicago...

As the whole world knows, after all it was the World Series, the White Sox are the best team in baseball. In the whole world. Well, the Sox have actually never played any teams from Venezuela, Japan or Cuba in order to earn that distinction, but we have players from each of those countries, so that's good enough...

All geopolitical joking aside, the White Sox are the best team in the United States. Without doubt. They simply dominated the postseason, losing only once, and crushing big names like Boston and Los Angeles on the way...

Some people will say that their string of losses near the end of the regular season, when they dropped from a 15.5 game lead to 1.5, tarnishes their accomplishment and keeps them from being mentioned among the ranks of the greatest teams in baseball history.

I don't buy that. I mean, those losses were frustrating and almost inexplicable. A team that was so comfortably ahead should never have gotten so close to losing the division. But you know what? They didn't. They won the division and then they beat Cleveland when it counted most.

What's more is the beat the defending champs without even flinching. If the losses were a sign of inherent weakness in the club, then they shouldn't have sailed through Boston without a loss.

The simple fact is this team was unbelievably strong in the postseason and they deserve all the accolades and respect of any World Series winner and should well be mentioned among the best teams because they truly won this Series as a team.

The selfless style of play, the lack of egos, the desire to win are all hallmarks of this team. This is something we haven't seen in a long time. When it came time to name a Series MVP, one is almost at a loss to pick a single player because so many were responsible for the wins (not to take anything away from Dye). The only thing one could criticize is the selection of the song, "Don't Stop Believin'", but even that has grown on me (I find myself humming it for no apparent reason with alarming frequency...)

So for all the fellow Sox fans out there, enjoy this win. It was truly unique, a gift to the city of Chicago and fans of baseball everywhere. The fact that so few watched it doesn't take anything away from it. The rest of the country missed one of the greatest stories baseball has seen in a long time...

Some local coverage:

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Yeah Sox!

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M. Imran Abd Ash-Shakur Rana said...

This blog entry was made SOLELY for the purpose of putting up a front on being a Sox fan.

Very clever, dude! Your use of your English writing skills are indeed (mA) impressive, but does not fool the likes of me...your baby brother.

For I know that you're a sellout and the stereotype of a bandwagon/fairweather fan...